Investment News July 2015

June 30, 2015

Dear Valued Clients:

Today we reach the half year point of 2015 already!  The markets have given us quite a bumpy ride to date, on all fronts, but Rob’s diligent, conservative advice and guidance has  maintained a steady course through the muddy pot holes.  The most recent jolt is of course a turn in the road for Greece, though which road they will take and where it will lead is still to be decided.  Sound financial management is a long journey at the best of times, a marathon, not a sprint – for each of us, as well as for those that grapple with the larger national issues such as the Greek tragedy. We must take each challenge as it comes with the benefit of experienced judgment in each circumstance.  “Both hands are on the wheel.”

We are pleased to attach our July 2015 newsletter to update you.

All of us at Kelland Wealth Management extend a very Happy Canada Day to all clients and best wishes for a very enjoyable summer.

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