What we offer

Our mandate, meeting and exceeding your goals.

Rob Kelland and his Team focus on a common sense approach to investing that works: trusted advice + exceptional service = peace of mind.

Following this investment mandate since 1984 has enabled Rob and the Kelland Portfolio Management Group to be entrusted with one of the largest asset bases at ScotiaMcLeod across Canada. The business has grown over the years via referrals from satisfied clients.

The Kelland Portfolio Management Group’s attractive fees, conservative, professional investment advice, and exceptional service to our clients are the hallmarks of what we offer. This disciplined strategy, combined with detailed financial planning, trust, peace of mind, caring, honesty and integrity has led Rob and his Team to success, achieving very good long term performance for our clients and their families.

The team’s goal is to both meet and exceed our clients’ long term financial goals and objectives.

The Managed Portfolio Program (MPP) is the platform that the majority of Kelland Portfolio Management Group clients have selected for the management of their investment portfolios. MPP is a discretionary investment management option that enables clients to delegate the task of making the everyday decisions that help maintain a healthy and prudent investment portfolio. While this program frees clients from having to give their consent for every recommendation that we may have for their accounts, clients will still maintain control over their asset allocation and investment goals and objectives.

As always, we build a portfolio tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. In the Managed Portfolio Program, clients will receive a detailed Investment Policy Statement that will help ensure that their portfolio continues to accurately reflect their changing needs over time. Clients will continue to receive regular communication from our office both through phone calls and our newsletters throughout the year and are still encouraged to come in annually for a big picture review meeting.

In addition to the benefit of not having to make the day-to-day decisions in client portfolios, benefits to the Managed Portfolio Program include:

  • Clients do not pay fees on the trades that we make on their behalf; instead, all costs and expenses are covered by one transparent, all-inclusive fee.
  • This fee is not tied to the amount of trading activity that occurs in the accounts, rather on the overall value of the portfolio.
  • The fee is fully tax-deductible in non-registered accounts and we waive all annual administration fees that are charged to registered plans.
  • This program enables the Kelland Portfolio Management Group to be more nimble and effective at entering and exiting the market, without the restriction of having fees to consider for each recommendation we may have. In other words, it allows us to react quickly to rapidly changing market conditions on our clients’ behalf.

Clients who are interested in the Managed Portfolio Program must have $250,000 in investable assets in order to qualify. This minimum asset level is put in place in order to ensure that portfolios will be sufficiently diversified and that risk exposure remains low.

Other investment platform options exist for clients as well. Please contact us for more information.